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 Know about vata prakriti

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PostSubject: Know about vata prakriti   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:24 am

There are various Ayurvedic institutions --ayurvedic resorts, hospitals, se Ayurvedic centres offer treatments which are based on your prakriti (body type). The body type of a person, accorpas or the traditional clinics of Ayurvedic practitioners -- in Kerala which provide treatment for many a health disorder. All thesding to Ayurveda, is determined by the alignment of three humours in the body – vata, pitha and kapha.

Among these, vata represents the space and air elements in the universe and vata energy is the one which controls all movements of body and mind. If you are of vata body type, the vata energy will be predominant in you.According to Ayurvedic practitioners, vata energy is related to qualities like creativity, enthusiasm and freedom etc and a person with vata prakriti will be mentally quick, imaginative and creative. They will be quick to learn and at the same time quick to forget, says Vinod Menon, an Ayurvedic student.

The skin, hands, feet and nose of those with vata prakriti tend to be cold and dry and these persons are sure to walk and talk quickly. Those with vata- prakriti will not gain weight easily and any imbalance in vata constituent in the body will lead to headache, hypertension, anxiety, constipation, and many neurological disorders.
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Know about vata prakriti
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